The Teletype Corp Model 43 uses a dot matrix printhead...

The M43 takes a special ribbon cartridge, which is held down by a magnetic catch on the right side of the printer chassis. The ribbon is threaded round a set of one-way rollers on the chassis and carriage that advance the ribbon when the carriage moves.

There was also an optional Magnetic Tape Terminal (Model ??) for the Model 43.

Was there a 42, a Baudot version?

(need more poop here)....

Don House (Nadcomm) has an M43 apparently with a modem in it. It has 2 telephone jacks in the back, one for phone and one for phone line. Also owning an M43: Jon Olden, and Doug Hensley. Perhaps you fellows can offer some more info on the machine.

Model 43-KSR Page Printer

Standard Model: 43-KSR
Military Model: ??
Design Relatives: ??
Manufactured: 1979-1984
Units Produced: ??
Units Remaining: ?? (estimated)
Dimensions (inches): ??
Weight (pounds): ??

Keyboard: 4-row with plastic keycaps
Code: 7/8-level ascii (upper/lower-case??) at 300 baud?
Interface: RS-232??
Motors: 110-VAC Synchronous
Options: Built-in modem?, ??

The Model 43 has a modern-looking keyboard. M43-KSR-4g.jpg

The center of the logo is the power light. M43-KSR-4h.jpg

It's a nice-looking design. M43-KSR-4i.jpg

A wire rail for paper exit -- for sprocket-feed, I presume. M43-KSR-5b.jpg

The machine is low-profile and compact. This one has a roll-paper holder. M43-KSR-8.jpg

(need a high-res pic for this). M43-KSR-11b.jpg

The optional tape unit makes it an ASR. This machine is at NADCOMM. M43-ASR-1.jpg

Was the paper tape unit (punch/reader) available in different models that looked the same? This one is supposedly an M42. M42-Paper-Tape-Unit-1.jpg

This alleged M43 paper tape unit looks a lot like the alleged M42. What's up with that? M43-Paper-Tape-Unit-1.jpg

This was said to be an M4350 paper tape unit. I'm unsure of any of these numbers. M4350-Paper-Tape-Unit-1.jpg