The Teletype Corporation produced the Model 40 and 4540 electronic display terminals and chain-based printers, also called the "Black Line." There was an optional Magnetic Tape Terminal (Model ?) as an adjunct for the Model 40 equipment.

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Model 40-KDP Keyboard/Display & Printer Units

Standard Models: 40-KD, 40-ROP, 40-KDP
Military Model: ??
Design Relatives: ??
Manufactured: 1979-1984
Units Produced: ??
Units Remaining: ?? (estimated)
Dimensions (inches): ??
Weight (pounds): ??

Keyboard: 4-row with plastic keycaps
Code: 7/8-level ascii (upper/lower-case??) at ?? baud
Interface: RS-232??
Motors: 110-VAC Synchronous
Options: ??

The M40-KD is the Keyboard-Display unit, and the M40-ROP is the Receive-Only Printer. Above, is an M40 system at NADCOMM. M40-Dataspeed.gif

It's a big fella. This one has several mag tape units, but is missing the keyboard. The CRT has a wide aspect ratio (132 col?). M40-8KDP-1.jpg

This printer uses wide (132 col?) sprocket-feed paper? This one has buttons on the front for ? M40-ROP-1a.jpg

Inside, you can see the chain that moved the printhead across the paper. M40-ROP-1b.jpg

This one looks narrower, for standard paper ?? It does not have the buttons on the front. M40-ROP-2.jpg

The magnetic tape units could store xxx on a cassette tape ??? M40-Mag-Tape-1.jpg

Does this "Data Terminal" serial plate belong on this mag unit? M40-Mag-Tape-2.jpg