The Teletype Corp Model 19 set is comprised of a Model 15-KSR page printer with integral tape perforator, and a Model 14-XD Transmitter-Distributor. All this equipment is mounted on a steel system table providing power and interconnection for the units. It punches 5-unit 11/16" paper tape, and the machine can either print, or not print, while punching the tape. The Model 14 Transmitter-Distributor senses the perforations in the tape, and transmits the characters in the form of the five-unit baudot code. The steel table is 38" long, 24" wide, and 27" high. It has a shelf in back for the rectifier, and underneath is a chad receptacle. The M19 was available in Teletype branding, as military models TT-7/FG and TT-8/FG, or branded for Western Union Telegraph Company or Bell System.

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Model 19 Set

Standard Model: 19
Military Models: TT-7/FG, TT-8/FG
Design Relatives: M15-KSR, M14-TD, M14-ROTR?
Manufactured: 1942-1950?
Units Produced: ??
Units Remaining: ?? (estimated)
Dimensions (inches): 38L x 24W x 27H
Weight (pounds): ??

Keyboard: 3-row with spring-cushioned green keycaps
Code: 5-level baudot (ustty or ita2) at 60 wpm (45.5 baud)
Interface: 60-mA current loop (@120VDC typical)
Full- or Half-Duplex; 60/20-mA selectable on later models
Motors: 115-VAC Synchronous, or Governed
Options: Line relay; Polar-line relay; Motor-control relay;
Line-Break/Keyboard-Lockout; RFI-Suppression; Remote bell;
Auto-Carriage-Return/Line-Feed; Tabulator; Sprocket-feed paper drive.

The M19 table holds an M15-KSR printer to the right. This M15 has an integral tape-punch and character counter. To the left is an M14-TD. This machine is at the NADCOMM museum. M19-2.jpg

This M19 has an M14-ROTR mounted in the upper-left -- a very typical setup that Ma Bell used in all of the Service Order offices. The shelf is steel and was made by Western Electric [Jack Hart WA2HWJ]. M19-3.jpg