The Morkrum Company Model GPE Perforator was designed about 1913 and continued to be produced for the next 50 years, a corporate record. It was magnet driven, and was very fast, being a "work horse" during two World Wars and the intervening Expansion and Depression eras. [5] GPE was for Green Code Perforator, but it was also called the "Iron-Horse" Perforator. The Green Code name came about for Western Union equipment, which used an olive-drab green color.

The GPE was produced from 1913 to 1925 under the Morkrum Company, from 1925 to 1929 under Morkrum-Kleinschmidt, and from 1929 to 1963 under Teletype Corp. However, the GPE may have carried a "Teletype" nameplate and the scroll symbol as early as 1921.

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Model GPE "Iron-Horse" Perforator

Standard Model: GPE
Military Model: ??
Design Relative: None
Manufactured: 1915-19??
Units Produced: ??
Units Remaining: ?? (estimated)
Dimensions (inches): ??
Weight (pounds): ??

Keyboard: 3-row with spring-cushioned green keycaps on later
versions, or non-cushioned gray? keycaps on early versions
Code: 5-level baudot
Interface: None
Motors: 110-VAC Synchronous
Options: ??

This later-model GPE used the cushioned green keyboard, and had a sound-dampened cover. GPE-1c.jpg

This guy is in great condition. GPE-1d.jpg

The machine has no motor -- solenoid magnets power the tape punching. GPE-1h.jpg

More mechanics than circuitry. This would be the case for Teletype machines until the Model 32, which included a fair bit of electronics. GPE-1k.jpg

These GPE units look to be an earlier production -- or are they just dirtier? GPE-2.jpg

This one looks much earlier -- the keycaps are different, and there is no large button on the right. The logo plate likely is Morkrum Company or Morkrun-Kleinschmidt. GPE-3.jpg