Teletype Corp

Including the Morkrum Company, and the Morkrum-Kleinschmidt Company

Teletype Corp was originally founded in 1906 as the Morkrum Company. In 1925, a merger between Morkrum and Kleinschmidt Electric Company created the Morkrum-Kleinschmidt Company. The name was changed in 1929 to Teletype Corporation. In 1930, Teletype Corp was purchased by the Bell System and became a subsidiary of Western Electric. In 1984, the divestiture of the Bell System resulted in the Teletype name and logo being replaced by the AT&T name and logo, and consolidation started to take its toll. Sadly, the remnants of Teletype Corp disappeared by 1990.

Model 10 Page Printer
Model 10 Page Printer (19??-??)
Morkrum Printing Telegraph
Morkrum Printing Telegraph (1908-25?)
GPE Tape Perforator
GPE Tape Perforator (19??-???)

Model 11 Tape Printer
Model 11 Tape Printer (1921-27)
Model 12 Page Printer
Model 12 Page Printer (1922-43)

Model 14-TD Transmitter-Distributor
M14-TD Transmitter-Distributor (19??-???)
Model 14-TP Tape Printer
M14-TP Tape Printer (1925-55?)

Model 14-RPE Non-Typing Reperf
M14-RPE Reperf (1928-???)
Model 14-ROTR Receive-Only Typing Reperf
M14-ROTR Typing Reperf (1940-58?)
Model 14-KTR Keyboard Typing Reperf
M14-KTR Typing Reperf (1940-58?)

Model 15-KSR Page Printer
M15-KSR Page Printer (1930-54)
Model 15-RO Page Printer
M15-RO Page Printer (1930-54)
Model 19 Set
Model 19 Set (1942-50?)

Model 20-RO Page Printer
M20-RO Page Printer (1932-46?)
Model 20 Perforator
Model 20 Perforator (1932-46?)
Model 26-KSR
M26-KSR Page Printer (1946-???)

Model 28-RO Page Printer
M28-RO Page Printer (1951-60?)
Model 28-KSR Page Printer
M28-KSR Page Printer (1951-60?)
Model 28-ASR Page Printer
M28-ASR Page Printer (1951-60?)

Model 28 Typing-Reperf
M28 Typing-Reperf (19??-???)
Model 28 Transmitter-Distributor
M28 Transmitter-Distributor (19??-???)

Model 28-KSR-Skintight
M28-KSR-Skintight (19??-???)
Model 28-KSR-Compact
M28-KSR-Compact (19??-???)
Model TT-253 (M28-KTR) Keyboard Typing Reperf
Model TT-253 (M28-KTR) Keyboard Typing Reperf (19??-??)

Model 31-KSR Tape Printer
M31-KSR Tape Printer (1947-53?)
Model 32-ASR/KSR/RO
M32-ASR/KSR/RO (19??-???)
Model 33-ASR/KSR/RO
M33-ASR/KSR/RO (19??-???)

BRPE High-Speed Tape Punch
BRPE High-Speed Tape Punch (19??-???)
Model 35-ASR
M35-ASR (19??-70?)
Model 37-KSR
M37-KSR (19??-???)

Model 38-ASR
M38-ASR (19??-???)
Model 40 Dataspeed
Model 40 Dataspeed (1979-84)
Model 42-???
M42-??? (19??-???)

Model 43-KSR/ASR
M43-KSR/ASR (1979-84)
Inktronic-KSR (19??-???)
Inktronic-RO (19??-???)