MODEL 33-ASR (gil smith)

This is my third tty machine, also from Tom Kleinschmidt. Everything looks in decent shape, but the left-rear corner took a hit during shipment, and bent up the base a bit. The plastic was fine! Of all the corners to get bumped, this is the best one since it is empty. Should be easy to fix

It has a TWX CCU on the right, with a touch-tone dialer. The 101D-1 dataset (modem) sits in the stand, and connects to the CCU with two 50-conductor delta connectors. The elapsed-time counter reads 1495 hours. M33-ASR-Gil-Front-Cover-Off.jpg
The two-color keyboard is kinda cool. M33-ASR-Gil-Keyboard-Typing-Unit.jpg
You can see the bent chassis corner here. M33-ASR-Gil-Left-Cover-Off.jpg
This machine has a standard tape reader (towards the front of the machine). The punch sits behind the reader, and is driven mechanically from the typing unit. M33-ASR-Gil-Punch-Reader.jpg
The rangefinder scale and adjustment knob. M33-ASR-Gil-Rear-Left-Cover-Off.jpg
To the left of the motor is the blue "answer-back" drum. The silver can above the drum is the elapsed-time counter (an option on non-TWX units). M33-ASR-Gil-Rear-Cover-Off.jpg
To "program" the blue plastic paddlewheel of the answer-back drum, you break off tines (or not) to code the characters, and program the drum with an ID string for your machine. The drum code can then be read remotely. M33-ASR-Gil-Motor-Answer-Back-Drum.jpg
This is the TWX CCU. The circuit card with the power resistors is the selector magnet driver, which amplifies the internal 20-mil loop current to 500-mil for the selector solenoid. Note the burned circuit board -- these resistors got so hot, they not only toasted the laminate, they de-soldered themselves since the pads/traces provided no heat sinking. What a crappy pcb layout this is. M33-ASR-Gil-Right-Cover-Off.jpg
The dataset (modem) is a 101D-1 made by General DataComm -- they are still around, but had no info on the unit. I'm still looking for a schematic, since this unit needs repair -- the 33 is running open, since the modem is not providing the 20-mil that it should. M33-ASR-Gil-101D-Dataset-1.jpg

So far:

Still need to figure out the modem problem -- need 101D schematic.