MODEL 28-RO (gil smith)

This is an ebay special that I got for parts. It has no case, but it looks complete (I also have the LESU electrical service unit) and it may all work. It also has the less-common 3-speed gear shifter, for 60-, 75-, or 100-wpm speeds. The guy I got it from said it came from the RCA Global Networks Comm. Div. in MD when they went to Electronic terminals around 15 years ago; he had it running on a 20 mA circuit for AFMARS weekly broadcast messages.

. M28-RO-Gil-Front-Left.jpg
It's not made by Hurst, but 3-speed gear shifter lets the unit run at 60-, 75-, or 100-wpm speeds. M28-RO-Gil-Shifter.jpg
. M28-RO-Gil-Left.jpg
. M28-RO-Gil-Right.jpg
. M28-RO-Gil-Rear.jpg


Spare unit for the moment.