MODEL 28-KSR (gil smith)

This is my fourth tty machine, also from Tom Kleinschmidt. It is in beautiful shape, though I have not had time to work on it yet.

I do not have room for any floor-standing machines, so the table-top KSR fit the bill nicely. M28-KSR-Gil-Front-Left.jpg
I'm not sure what the shifted-C key is -- degree perhaps?. M28-KSR-Gil-Keyboard.jpg
The top door opens for access. M28-KSR-Gil-Paper-Cover-Open.jpg
The cover opens up for service. M28-KSR-Gil-Cover-Open-1.jpg
The Typing-Unit looks in good shape. M28-KSR-Gil-Typing-Unit.jpg
The M28 Typebox and hammer is a pretty cool design. M28-KSR-Gil-Typebox.jpg
. M28-KSR-Gil-Rear-Plate.jpg

Still to do:

Find time to start on it -- should not need much more than a good cleaning and lube.