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My TTY Machines

In the late 70s, I learned Basic programming on a Teletype 33-ASR connected to a college minicomputer (and also engineering Fortran using punched cards). A few years ago, I thought it might be fun to play with some of that old gear again. I was originally not looking to get into teletype collecting; I just wanted to get a Model 33 for nostalgia sake.

After a bit of searching, I found the greenkeys email group, and started getting interested in the earlier baudot machines that were being discussed. I also had this odd little Teletype machine that I found over 25 years ago -- the folks on greenkeys identified it as a model 31 tape printer, and helped me get it running. Then I was hooked. I eventually got the ascii M33 of my original quest, but most of my current machines are baudot.

GPE "Iron-Horse" Perforator
Model 14-KTR Keyboard Typing Reperf
M14-KTR Keyboard Typing Reperf
Model 14-TD Transmitter-Distributor
M14-TD Transmitter-Distributor

Model 15-KSR Page Printer
M15-KSR Page Printer
'nuther Model 15-KSR Page Printer

Model 28-KSR Page Printer
M28-KSR Page Printer
Model 28-RO Page Printer
M28-RO Page Printer
Model 28-ASR Set

Model 28 Transmitter-Distributor
M28 Transmitter-Distributor
M28-ROTR Receive-Only-Typing-Reperforator

Model 31-KSR Tape Printer
M31-KSR Tape Printer
'nuther M31-KSR Tape Printer

Model 33-KSR Page Printer
M33-KSR Page Printer
Private-Wire (current-loop) M33-ASR Page Printer
Model 33-ASR Page Printer
TWX (phone-line) M33-ASR Page Printer

M35-ROTR Receive-Only-Typing-Reperforator
M43-KSR Page Printer
M43 Tape Punch/Reader

Western Union Model 101 "Mailbox" Page Printer
BRPE "Burpee" High-Speed Tape Punch

TTY-Related Stuff

Vintage Test Equipment

I have a small collection of mostly Hewlett-Packard test gear -- ranging from some of their rather early audio oscillators, through the great days of nixie-tube meters and counters, classic RF generators and spectrum analyzers, and other nice bits up through about the 80s.

A few years back, HP changed the test equipment group's name to Agilent. What the freq were they thinking? IMHO, if any division should have kept the HP name, it was Test and Measurement. History and legacy seem to mean little to many of today's business leaders. After some corporate house-cleaning, HP is back on track, but it looks like the Agilent name is here to stay.

(need some pics here)

Other Vintage Stuff

I have collected some interesting old computer bits: a board using the first microprocessor (Intel's 4004), a couple of core-memory panels, some cp/m S-100 stuff (8080-based), a couple of HP-85 laboratory machines, the first "transportable" machine (Osbourne I), the first IBM PC (5150), early "luggable" machines from Compaq, the first laptop (Toshiba T1000), other early laptops, an early Mac, spec sheets and other collateral on Cray Research supercomputers (x-mp, y-mp...)...

Also around here somewhere are various old calculators: an enormous desktop fellow with over a dozen nixie tubes, some nice ones from HP and TI, and a some others. Also some old phones, telegraph goodies, and other old stuff that just makes me smile.

(need some pics here)